Monday, September 13, 2010

One Year, One Month & One Day

How can it be that a year, a month and a day have passed since my last entry?

It's been a year of work in my studio, a year with all of the innate pressures of making new work from ideas that percolate and pop--and a year without the stress from the day job that I did for over 40 years! It's been great!

This summer has been one of figuring out what's happening with my new work and of breathing deeply on the beach. I have also "overseen" two nice carpenters' improvements to our cottage, fed the Furrs and have had more time to read.

Here's my Nahcotta studio and a new painting, FlameFruitLeafFeather I:


  1. Joan and John, your Nahcotta paradise looks great and so do you. I'll visit soon......

  2. Hi Joan, So glad to have discovered your blog via Betsy's Studio Diary! Your studio and garden are charming! Gloria

  3. That does sound heavenly. I feel like I'm still in the Rat Race and I'm not even employed! Hope you had a nice birthday.